An orienteering weekend with two extremes

von Mara Trilca

The weekend of 22nd and 23rd March turned out to be a real adventure for orienteering runners who took part in the "Räuber-OL - Wenig Posten" and "Vielposten-OL". Two extremes: a race with only 4-5 controls on Saturday and up to 106 controls on Sunday.

It started with "Räuber-OL" on Saturday when 50 runners - divided into 3 difficulty classes (kurz&schwer: 2,8km with 5 controls, mittel&schwer: 5,5km with 5 controls, lang&schwer: 6,6km with 4 controls) - were lined up for a mass start in the Liebethal forest. This race turned out to be very fast and maybe less technically challenging than expected, though definitely worth taking part in it.
The title of the fastest runner in this competition went to Markus Grätsch who managed to beat Wieland Kundisch by only 2 seconds and a "little bit" more than 2 seconds - Thomas Rewig (all from USV TU Dresden). In the middle distance triumphed Cedrik Klein (USV TU Dresden) and in the short - Florian Weinert (Post SV Dresden).

If you could relax your brain during the race on Saturday then there was no chance of doing something like that on Sundays "Vielposten-OL". In the longest run there were 106 (!) controls placed on a 11,3km long track, on middle - 67 controls on 6,6km, on short - 31 controls on 3,2km and on the shortest - 14 controls on 1,7km. Point after point all the controls had to be visited (turns out, that taking few points less throws you out of the competition - like in my case). The tracks were diverse - from very easy and runable to 'where-the-hell-is-my-point-and-how-do-I-get-there' difficult. And not to mention the biggest challenge of all - how to manage an A4 page with the control descriptions.
In the end Wieland Kundisch (USV TU Dresden) managed to visit all the 106 controls in the shortest (and yet beautiful) running time of 1:11:11, Second and third places went to the international guests - Tomas Dlabaja (Turnov) and Jonas Kjäll (USV TU Dresden). Winners of other categories: middle - Matthias Mueller (Post SV Dresden), short - Anton Forkel (Planeta Radebeul), the shortest - Moritz Lucke (Post SV Dresden).

A big 'Thank you' goes to our young and enthusiastic organizer team! The weekend might not have been the sunniest but definitely filled with very positive and unforgettable memories! Already looking forward to the 107 controls next year!

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